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The adventure you never knew existed!

If you’re like me, there’s nothing like discovering a new place for yourself that you never knew existed! Lake Atitlan in Guatemala was just that for me. So I’m teaming up with Epic Adventures Guatemala to bring an exclusive MTB bike tour for you and fans of MTBOver40. This a unique experience that will expose you to some of the most amazing trail and enduro riding in the world, a vibrant culture, spectacular views and even some off-bike adventures that will cap off the most stoked fill trip few ever get to experience!

This a limited timed offer so get all the info below and I hope you’ll join me in this truly epic adventure!


MTB Over 40 in Guatemala Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan Civilization, land of volcanoes, mountains and vibrant people that, with pride, all share their traditions and customs. From the highest point in Central America (14,000ft) to sea level, Guatemala is a mountainous country with a diversity of micro climates, and is the perfect place for epic adventures. Whether mountain biking or hiking to experience authentic Mayan culture, Guatemalans are proud to practice  and grow sustainable tourism.

Lake Atitlán is the deepest lake in Central America and is the caldera of an ancient super volcano. Surrounding the lake are three volcanoes and sits near the Ring of Fire, an active tectonic plate that runs through the Pacific side of Guatemala.



DATES: October 28 – November 5 or 8, 2023 

This is an all inclusive trip. There will be two options, a 7 day and a 10 day tour option. Both options will include:

  • Transportation from Airport to Airport
  • MTB guiding service 
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Entrance fees
  • Snacks and water bottle for each day on the bike
  • Mechanical Assistance/Acces totoolkit
  • Basic first aid kit

The following is not included:

  • Airfare
  • Bike rentals
  • Tips and gratuity
  • Travel insurance 

7 Day Itinerary

  • Day 1: Travel to Guatemala, stay in Antigua
  • Day 2: Cultural tour, build bikes, night ride in Antigua.
  • Day 3: Carmona Trails
  • Day 4: Cerro Tecpán Enduro/DH ride
  • Day 5: Tecpán/Lake Atitlán Epic
  • Day 6: Atitlán Summit + The Snail – Stay in Antigua
  • Day 7: Travel to Airport, head home.


10 Day Itinerary

  • Day 1: Travel to Guatemala, stay in Antigua
  • Day 2: Cultural tour, build bikes, night ride in Antigua.
  • Day 3: Carmona Trails
  • Day 4: Cerro Tecpán Enduro/DH ride
  • Day 5: Tecpán/Lake Atitlán Epic
  • Day 6: Atitlán Summit + The Snail – (Riders leaving early travel to Antigua)
  • Day 7: Atitlán Adventure (Zipline, Hiking, Cultural Tour)
  • Day 8: Los Torrales jungle ride and coffee tour
  • Day 9: Pacaya Adventure (ride down an active volcano!) Stay in Antigua
  • Day 10: Travel to airport, head home.


** There is a limited signup period to lock in these dates, deadline is May 21st.**


 – 50% deposit due upon sign up
– Remaining amount due July 28th, 2023
– Full refunds if cancelled 30 days in advance
– After completing the form below a Paypal invoice will be emailed

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you may have some so I tried to answer a few already.

Absolutely! If you’ve never flown with your bike, this is a great video to check out from GMBN. But Epic Adventures does offer rental bikes if you’d rather go that option.

We will try and limit the climbing for each ride. Our goal is give you the best experience on these trails without killing your energy. The most we will do is about 1,200 feet across 15 miles in a single day. Thats less than 100ft. per mile, not bad! All other days will be less climbing per mile.

I own an ebike and love it. I’ve even taken it to Guatemala as well. But there are some things to think about. 1. There will be little to no chance of charging your battery while out for the day. 2. EMTBs are heavier so you have to account for the weight when thinking about flying with it. 3. You may not need it as the climbing we will be doing is minimal. But if you really want to bring it, shoot me a message to discuss.

You don’t “need” it but I highly recommend it. Myself and Epic Adventures will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries you may incur on the trip (yes, you will be signing a waiver!) so having some protection will do you good. I recommend World Nomads as a place to purchase a policy. It’s very affordable and even covers equipment (bike) damage. I actually had to use it when the airline dinged up my Rockshox Zeb fork. $140 paid for $400 in repairs!

In order to keep costs down we’re booking rooms will multiple beds so we will be getting cozy! But these rooms are spacious, have their own bathrooms and are quite comfortable. For female riders we will make sure you are either grouped with other women or have your own room. Otherwise, if you do require your own room we can meet your needs but understand, additional costs will be required.

At this time (March) rates for the proposed dates are ranging from $550 to $700 for a round trip from Nashville (where I live) to Guatemala City. Until then rates can go up or down but in my experience they typically hover around $600-$650 range for that time of year from Nashville. I typically fly American as they have the most options for flights to Guatemala City but check your local area. I’ve also flown Delta as they have a direct flight from Atlanta.

For traveling solo we require the minimum age to be 18. However, if accompanied by an adult ages 14 and up are welcome if they’re skilled enough to ride these trails.



We need a minimum of 8 riders to sign up to make this trip happen. Only 10 slots available. Will you be one of them?

Some things to think about before signing up: These trails are not for beginners. Many of these trails are old Mayan footpaths that contain steep shoots, medium to large rock-drops and challenging terrain. Most features are not mandatory however you must be comfortable with riding blue and some black level rated trails.